Awatere Valley

Pinot Noir


Richly scented black cherry, with delicately spiced flavours, lingering persistently with a silken texture.

Winemaker's Philosophy

bunch of grapes

We’ve put everything into finding the greatest regions, and do everything possible to ensure the purity of these flavours are expressed in the wine. When it comes to winemaker influence sometimes this means we do very little at all. You don’t get a second chance to create a great wine, so each step in the process is well considered.  By the time we get to ‘making’ the wine, the flavours have already been made.

The hard work we put in is to ensure these are accentuated and complemented, using the latest research and winemaking technology available, and our years of winemaking experience.

  1. 1 The fruit was destemmed, crushed and transferred to open top fermentation tanks.
  2. 2 The must was inoculated with a cultured fermentation yeast to accentuate the berryfruit characters in the grapes.
  3. 3 During fermentation the wine was regularly plunged to extract colour and fruit tannins from the skins, adding structure and complexity to the wine.
  4. 4 The fermented wine was pressed to tank for settling, in preparation for malolactic fermentation.
  5. 5 The wine was racked and run off to a selection of French oak barriques and aged for 10 months to impart structure and complement the intense fruit flavours in the wine.

Wine Analysis



Residual Sugar:

2.0 g/L

Titratable Acidity:

6 g/L



Harvest Date:

27 March - 1 April 2013

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