Crownthorpe Terraces

Crownthorpe Ranges

Unreservedly the best place to grow our only Chardonnay and Merlot.

Chardonnay Chardonnay

You won’t find Crownthorpe Terraces on any wine trail. It’s hard to find. But that’s not to say this isn’t one of the most highly regarded places in New Zealand to grow Merlot and Chardonnay.

Crownthorpe Terraces is as majestic as its name. This terraced landscape, with its backdrop of rolling limestone hills to the north and the spectacular braided deep shingle Ngaruroro River to the south, is as captivating a sight as the winter snow capped peaks of the Ruahine Ranges to the west.

It’s not just where our vineyards stand but where our vision lies.

Our only Chardonnay is grown on the Crownthorpe Terraces

It’s not how far you’ve come but how far you’re prepared to go.

Crownthorpe Terraces’ climate during the summer growing season experiences plentiful sunshine and heat summation. It has warmer days than many other viticulture areas in Hawke’s Bay. Due to its inland elevation, it means it also experiences cooler night-time temperatures. This has a profound influence on flavour development and natural acidity in the grapes.

This unique place has an ideal climate and al- luvial soil profile for viticulture. Terrace forma- tions across the vineyard are the remnants of ancient rivers, which have contoured the land and deposited moderately fertile, stony light silt loams, that balance vine vigour and moderate yield. The spectacular Ngaruroro River is an es- sential source of pure river water for irrigation.

Merlot Merlot

Altogether this combination of Crownthorpe Terraces’ unique soil and climate results in moderately yielding vines that produce fully ripened fruit of intense varietal character.

Our only Merlot is grown on the Crownthorpe Terraces